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Life orientation grade 10 term 3 project

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Life orientation grade 10 term 3 project

life orientation grade 10 provincial assessment task 3 term 3 projects 2023 memorandum

Please note:

  1. You must hand in your completed project to your LO teacher.
  2. The project REQUIRES in-text referencing.
  3. Read ALL other instructions on the project carefully.


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Assessment Standards

We know this when the learner is able to:

Grade 10

Learning Outcome 1

Personal Well-being

The learner is able to achieve and maintain

personal well-being.

Apply various strategies to enhance self awareness and self-esteem, while acknowledging and respecting the uniqueness of self and others.
Explain different life roles, and how they change and affect relationships.
Explain changes associated with growing towards adulthood and describe values and strategies to make responsible decisions regarding sexuality and lifestyle choices in Order to optimize personal potential.
Describe the concepts ‘power’ and ‘power relations’ and their effect on relationships between and among genders.

The Grade 10 learner has some knowledge and understanding of the self, different relationships and life roles.

The learner participates in and has knowledge of social and environmental issues, physical fitness and recreation, and understands the importance of own participation in promoting well-being. The learner understands essential coping mechanisms and applies the skills necessary to make responsible decisions regarding sexuality. The learner interprets knowledge, skills and values in order to challenge discrimination and has some knowledge of belief systems and religions and how they contribute to a harmonious society. The learner also has some knowledge and a fair understanding of how multiple factors influence subject, study and career choices.

Project Topic: The Impact of Social Media on Teen Mental Health

Social media use among teenagers has grown rapidly in recent years. While it has many benefits, excessive social media use has also been linked to teen mental health issues. This project aims to analyse two sources discussing the impact of social media on teen mental health.

Analysis of Source 1: Blog post by teen health expert

– Social media is seen as both a benefit and risk to teen mental health
– It can create feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness and low self-esteem due to social comparison and cyberbullying
– But it can also help teens connect, share interests and seek support
– The source cautions that moderation and balance are key to reaping social media’s benefits while minimizing risks
– The expert perspective provides useful insights but may be biased towards recommending limiting social media use

Analysis of Source 2: Statistics from mental health charity

– Statistics show a rise in anxiety, depression and self-harm among teens coinciding with the rise of social media
– 1 in 5 teens experiences cyberbullying on social media, linked to higher rates of depression and anxiety
– Teens who spend 3+ hours daily on social media are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression
– The statistics provide hard evidence of a correlation between social media use and teen mental health issues
– However, the statistics do not prove causation and other factors could also be involved


Both sources acknowledge social media’s potential risks to teen mental health but also its benefits when used moderately.

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