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How to get payslip from Department of Education South Africa?

How to get payslip from Department of Education South Africa?

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Department of Education South Africa

To: Deputy Directors-General, Chief Directors, Directors, Deputy Directors, Circuit Managers,
Principals, Educators and all Public Service Employees
Short summary: Introduction of Phase Two of the rollout of the ePayslip project.
Subject: Rollout of electronic payslips (ePayslips) – Phase two

1. The State Information Technology Agency and Western Cape Provincial Treasury

successfully tested the electronic delivery process of Persal payslips via email to
government employees, as per Financial Accounting Minute 0005/2021, dated
28 September 2021.

2. ePayslip phased-rollout plan

The second phase of the rollout is targeted at employees with @wcgschools.gov.za email
addresses. Further communication about the third phase will follow in due course.
Phase 1 All employees with @westerncape.gov.za
email addresses November 2021
Phase 2 All employees with @wcgschools.gov.za
email addresses March 2022
Phase 3 Administrators of Electronic document
delivery (EDD) Follow in due course
Employment and salary enquiries: 0861 819 919 | Safe Schools: 0800 45 46 47
Western Cape Education Department

3. Accessing of the Western Cape Government (WCG) Schools email address

3.1 The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) eLearning Directorate issued eLearning
Minute DEL 0001/2020, dated 26 May 2020 (Annexure A), which was circulated to all officials
and informing all WCED school staff (both educators and non-educators) at ordinary public
and special schools about access to a provincial school email address through an Office
365 online account.
3.2 This is a web-based version of Microsoft’s Office Suite with no access to any of the WCED
systems and no audit risk. The Office 365 online account gives WCED school staff (both
educators and non-educators) access to the full bouquet of the Office 365 online
3.3 First-time login details will be made available to the principal on CEMIS to share with the
3.4 WCED school staff (both educators and non-educators) whose details have not been
captured on CEMIS will not have access to their new email account until their details are
captured and updated on CEMIS.
3.5 Should any of the WCED school staff (both educators and non-educators) details be
captured on CEMIS and no login credentials are displayed, schools will have to report it to
the schools’ IT Service helpdesk (021 834 4690).
3.6 Please be advised that the use of the service and the provincial email are intended for
professional, school or education-related engagements only.

4. Accessing ePayslips

4.1 All employees with WCG Schools email addresses will receive an ePayslip email. Once an
ePayslip email is received from the Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) System, the
employee can register with their email address or Persal number to access all their payslips
online. The link to the EDD System End User Portal is as follows:
http://portal.persal.gov.za/PersalEndUser . An example of the ePayslip email employees will
receive is attached as Annexure B.
4.2 Once employees have completed their registration on the EDD System they will be able to
view and download their current ePayslips at their own convenience via their computers or
4.3 The EDD System allows documents such as payslips to be distributed electronically to
multiple devices. For every payment run, the EDD System encrypts and sorts electronic
payslips into the various WCED pay points and saves all the encrypted payslips on the EDD
System server from where the payslips are released to each employee.
Employment and salary enquiries: 0861 819 919 | Safe Schools: 0800 45 46 47
Western Cape Education Department

4.4 Once the encrypted payslips are released, the EDD System will email ePayslips in passwordprotected portable document format (PDF) to employees via their WCG email addresses.
Employees must use their 13-digit unique identity number to open their ePayslip.
4.5 In accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (Act 4 of 2013), all
necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the protection of personal information
is always maintained and adhered to.
4.6 Every WCED employee will have access to a user manual to reference at any time. The user
manual contains all the essential information for employees to make full use of the EDD
System End User Portal. This manual includes a description of the portal’s functions and
capabilities and step-by-step procedures for system access and use. All employees should
familiarise themselves with the user guidelines (Annexure C).

5. Payroll control procedures

5.1 Current payroll control procedures will not be affected by the adoption of the ePayslip
process via the EDD System.
5.2 The WCED is still required to comply with National Treasury Regulation 8.3.4, issued on
15 March 2005, in terms of section 76 of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act 1
of 1999), which states that the persons in charge at the respective pay points must certify
on the date of payment that all persons listed on the payroll report are entitled to payment.
5.3 Pay masters are still required to declare that each employee is an active employee of the
WCED and eligible to receive a salary via the People Management Practices System.
5.4 For any ePayslip and payslip enquires please contact WCED.Payslips@westerncape.gov.za.

6. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all relevant employees.

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