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How do I check my Halotel bundle balance?

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How can I check my remaining balance? Dial *102*01# to see your basic balance, exra balance, bonuses and bundle balance.

Your mobile phone is more than just a means of communication it is also your virtual wallet. HALOPESA is a mobile money service brought to you by Halotel and allows subscriber with a mobile phone to send and receive money quickly, safely, affordably and conveniently 24/7.

It provides merchants and members alike the ease, convenience, and control of managing payments and transferring funds across multiple channels in real-time anytime, anywhere. With a strong emphasis for simplicity and flexibility, HALOPESA is focused on delivering robust and long term solutions for the security-challenges.


HaloPesa is determined to make your life easier and simple by giving you control just at the tip of your fingerprints. HaloPesa allows its customer to send and receive money quickly and safely and in the comfort of your own home 24/7. HaloPesa has the affordable prices for transaction, it’s a wide spread network and it is easy and safe to use.

HaloPesa is determined to bring diversity to the services that it provides whereby such services are as follows:

  1. Buy airtime and bundles
  2. Send and receive money
  3. Cash out money from agents
  4. Bank transactions
  5. Pay bills such as LUKU
  6. HaloPesa Visa on mobile
  7. Halo Yako
  8. International Remittance



HaloPesa has Agents wide spread all over the country to make it easy for a customer to cash out and deposit funds. HaloPesa has over 50,000 Agents that are spread throughout the country ready to serve our customers every day. HaloPesa values our customers and has simplified by putting HaloPesa Agents near your surroundings ready to serve you at any time. HaloPesa welcomes you to the winning team. To become an HaloPesa Agent just visit our nearby Halotel branch or a HaloPesa Super Agent in your surroundings, do not miss the valuable opportunity of becoming a HaloPesa agent.


HaloPesa for cooperates are solutions for businesses that allow organisations to collect funds from their customers on a regular basis through HaloPesa or disburse funds to their customers across various operations just by a click of a button, We also we make it easy for merchants to accept payments (Halopesa Lipa hapa) from customers across various operators.

General KYC requirements for HaloPesa Corporates

  1. HaloPesa Business (C2B/B2C) Application form
  2. Valid Business License
  3. TIN Certificate
  4. Certificate of incorporation

HaloPesa Collections (C2B)

No more hustling, open a C2B account with HaloPesa and collect funds from customers on regular basis, with affordable prices, quick and fast

Email us at halopesa@halotel.co.tz

HaloPesa Disbursements (B2C)

We are determined to make it simple for you, open a HaloPesa B2C account to disburse funds to multiple customers that you have across various networks by just a click of a button, fast,safely and secured.

Email us at halopesa@halotel.co.tz


Are you a merchant? As we are all aspiring for a Cash-lite economy in the promotion of financial inclusion, HaloPesa Lipa Hapa allows you customers to pay for various services and products with any mobile money account in Tanzania to your Lipa Hapa number

Open your number now for free, Email us at halopesa@halotel.co.tz

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