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Grade 9 natural science questions and answers 2023

Grade 9 natural science general in south africa, Some possible topics that may be covered, how to download the memos and past papers and how to pass exams

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Grade 9 natural science questions and answers 2023

Natural science is a branch of science concerned with the description, explanation, and prediction of natural events based on empirical evidence obtained via observation and investigation. natural science instances Physics is an example of natural science. noun. 5. A science that deals with the things, phenomena, or laws of nature and the physical world, such as biology, chemistry, or physics.

In South Africa, Grade 9 Natural Science covers a wide range of topics related to biology, chemistry, and physics. Some possible topics that may be covered include:

  1. Biology:
  • Cell structure and function
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Reproduction and development
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Ecology and the environment
  1. Chemistry:
  • Matter and its properties
  • Atoms, elements, and compounds
  • Chemical reactions and equations
  • Acids and bases
  • Solutions and mixtures
  1. Physics:
  • Motion, force, and energy
  • Waves and sound
  • Light and optics
  • Electricity and magnetism

To download memos and past papers, you can try searching online for websites that offer free downloads of past papers and memos for Grade 9 Natural Science. Some useful websites for South African students include:

The primary energy source used in Eskom power plants is….

  • A natural gas.
  • B uranium.
  • C coal.
  • D oil.

Correct Answer: C coal

In the diagram below, which number represents the cable that discharges the fault current to the ground? 

  • A 2
  • B 3
  • C 4
  • D 5

Correct Answer: B


Which one of the following groups of sources of energy is sustainable and has a very small negative impact on the environment? 

  • A Sun-heated steam, waves in the sea and wind.
  • B Coal, nuclear fuel and wind.
  • C Earth oil, hydroelectric power and wave power.
  • D Solar energy, coal and falling water.

Correct Answer: A

… may cause burns, cancer and gene mutation if the skin is exposed to it due to its radioactive nature. 

  • A Coal
  • B Falling water
  • C Steam
  • D Nuclear waste

Correct Answer: D

Grade 9 Electric Circuits Questions

Study circuits A, B, C and D and answer questions. All bulbs and cells are identical.

grade 9 circuits
  • Which circuit has the highest resistance? (1) Answer: D
  • In circuit B, what is the component that is circled? (1) Answer: Battery
  • What is the purpose of the component circled? (1) Answer: It is a source of (electrical) energy.
  • What is the voltage of each bulb in circuit D? (2) Answer: 1,5 ÷ 3 = 0,5 V
  • In which circuit will the bulb/bulbs be the brightest? (1)Answer:  B

Mention factors that can influence the resistance of a resistor.


  • Temperature of the resistor.
  • Type of a resistor.
  • Thickness of the resistor.
  • Length of the resistor.

Study the circuit diagram below and answer the questions that follow. Each cell has a potential difference of 1,5 V. The resistance of bulb S is R and the resistance of bulb T is 4R.

Screenshot 2022 11 23 at 10.34.46
  • In which way are bulbs and connected? (1) Answer: Parallel
  • What is the reading on voltmeter V1? (2) Answer: V1 = 3 x 1,5= 4,5 V
  • What is the reading on voltmeter V3? (1) Answer: 4,5
  • Which bulb will glow the brightest? S or T? (1) Answer: S
  • What will happen to the reading on ammeter A1 if bulb T is switched off? (1) Answer: Reading on A1 will decrease.
    • Explain your answer  Answer: If T is switched off, there are less resistors in parallel, therefore the total resistance in the circuit will increase, and the total current will decrease.

To pass exams in Grade 9 Natural Science, it’s important to:

  • Attend classes regularly and pay attention to what the teacher is saying.
  • Take notes and review them regularly to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Practice past papers and memo’s to get an idea of what kind of questions you may be asked and how to answer them effectively.
  • Make use of study resources like textbooks, revision guides, and online tutorials to supplement your learning.
  • Form study groups with classmates to discuss

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