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53 Game Warden Job Opportunities at TAWA

by Zulu Forum

Job Overview


EMPLOYER: Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA)
APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-08-12 2022-08-25

i.To supervise field operations

ii.To prepare and executing patrol plans

iii.To allocate field gears to Conservation Rangers

iv.To ensure proper use and safe keeping of field gear and equipment

v.To prepare field patrol reports

vi.To conduct wildlife protection patrols

vii.To collect trophies observed during patrol

viii.To record poaching incidences, ecological data and other information

ix.To manage crime scenes and properly collecting exhibits and information

x.To arrest suspects

xi.To take statements from suspects and charging compound fee for admitted wildlife related crimes

xii.To provide written statement and testimony to the court on accused persons

xiii.To execute field patrols

xiv.To receive and sending messages during patrols

xv.To clean and safeguarding of firearms

xvi.To control problem animals

xvii.To assess damage caused by wildlife and preparing report

xviii.To certify animals hunted (For Ranger In-charge working in Ecosystem)

xix.To verify hunted trophies against hunting permits and issuing trophy ownership certificates

xx.To control wild fires

xxi.To guard base camp

xxii.To guard visitors, staff and their properties

xxiii.To supervise hunting and photographic tourism activities

xxiv.To perform any other related duties that may be assigned by superior.


Holder of Technician Certificate in Wildlife Management from a recognized institution. The candidates shall be required to attend and pass military recruit course, must have clean criminal record and below 25 years old.


The deadline for submitting the application is 25 August 2022.


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